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Hi there all :-)

Sorry for the long silence on this space :-( I hope all is well. Just wanted to share with you a project we have been working on. It's called Project MOBiLIZE and part of the 24 October 2009 International Day of Climate Action being led by

The basic idea is to set up country nodes that would be part of a worldwide sms/txt blast facility to support the climate campaign. We have a pre configured (drop-in, no install) FrontlineSMS for Windows and Mac ready to be shared. An installation guide is also available. For some of you that are interested and want to experiment we can share these files with you :-) and welcome you to be part of this effort.

The pre-configured FrontlineSMS is already populated with keywords that would allow people to join in and recieve sms/txt messages about information and call to action related to the campaign. There is also a keyword for people to send in via sms/txt mesages and automatically be posted on the 350txt twitter feed.

There will be a main node located at the headquarters of that would send messages to country nodes (cell numbers) and in return the country nodes will re-blast these messages to their respective FrontlineSMS subscribers. We fell that this type of a system may in some cases would cut down costs since the blast would be local costs per country.

Speaking of costs, there may be funds available at least to cover some of the sms/txt costs per country. Also if you have an existing FrontlineSMS system, the Project MOBiLIZE keywords can be incorporated into your existing systems.

Thanks very much and hope to hear from you all of you :-)



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Sounds incredible, Bobby! Do you want to email me any details (and maybe the odd photo or something)? I'd be more than happy to blog this to help spread the word if that helps. Thanks!
Hiya Ken!

Sent you some materials abou the projec to your email address :-)


Yay! Sorry missing letter "t" keyboard getting stuck :-(
Hi Bobby, this sounds great! I'd definitely like to see your customized FrontlineSMS installs.


Hey hey Alex :-)

Nothing special about the installs ;-) We just did a regular install on a machine (windows by the way) and configured the keywords and an sms to email to twitter keyword. Then we pulled out the configuration folder and packaged it on a sms modem (huawie e156c) and put in the the relevant file onto the microSD card. We have shipped the sms modems to around 12 countries now :-) and shipping more. The only thingthat needs to be done is to copy the config files to a new machine (win or mac) copy the FrontlineSMS app and the system is good to go ;-)

If you want access to the configs and guide it is located on my dropbox account ( If you have a dropbox account send me your registered email and I'll give you access.


Dear Bobby:

A question: People can send information in Spanish? I am very interested to contribute to your campaign. Just now I am researching about the use of SMS Text Messaging as agent of social impact and your project would be a nice opportunity to learn about it.

I am working as freelance on communication and information technologies related to the agrarian sector. A few months ago I downloaded FLsms in my computer and since this time I have come studying its funcionality.

Bye for now

Jorge L. Alonso G.
SMSocial - Argentina
Hi there Jorge :-)

Thanks for the interest in the project, you are very much welcome to participate :-) As for the language thing, I'm not 100% sure but I guess people can send in spanish and that message will just simply be forwarded either as an sms message an email or a twitter feed. We should test this though ;-)

As I mentioned in my earlier post we have a configured FLSMS that we can share. If you have an account on, you can send me your registered email address for the service and I'll provide you access to the files.

Thanks and looking forward to hear from you.


This is awesome, Bobby! Sorry I haven't got back to you yet re: your email - been travelling around over the past few days. Will be in touch!

Dear Bobby:

Thanks for your reply. My email address in Drpbox is


Hiyas! No worries Ken :-)


Hey Jorge :-) Just gave you access to the dropbox folder. Let me know if you have questions.

Thanks! Peace.

Dear Bobby:

I have all ready. However, I have a little problem: When I am connected to Internet, FLsms do not works, and viceversa. What can to be wrong?


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