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Hi there,

Keep up the good work. I have not yet downloaded the software but I am searching for the appropriate phone or modem. I was informed that wavecom modem works better with frontlinesms. Did any of you use the modem? If I buy a phone it will probably be Nokia but I want to first make sure that somebody used the same phone before.

Ken recommended samba 75 modem. Does any one have an idea if I can easily get it from South Africa?

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Hi there!

The Wavecom Samba 75 is very good. I found also that SonyEricsson phones are the most reliable, so maybe you can get your hands on one of these.

I think the best Nokia phones for FrontlineSMS are the 6230 and 6230i. I have not had problems with any Nokias I have tried (except that some are not supported!), but some people have found it difficult getting Windows/Nokia PC Suite to connect to their phones.

Maybe your phone store will let you try some out with FrontlineSMS before you buy? Good luck, and let us know how you get on.

Yes, it is better on the new version. I have a Wavecom M1306B, and I was not able to get it working on the old version. However, the new version it Just Worked when I connected it. (I am using it via USB, with a USB-Serial adapter as recommended by Ken Banks for the old version.

I have not yet used it in serial mode alone, and I don't know if it would work.

I try connecting my 6230 via bluetooth, but there is no stable connection. the phone is connecting and disconnecting all the time. while nokia phoneSuite has no conncting problems, I have this issue with all the frontline-versions I tested (preRelease to 1.4.5).

alex, do you have any suggestions? how do you connect your 6230 ??

best, jacob
Hi Jacob,

If you are still running Nokia PC Suite it may be that this, or some other software is stealing the connection every so often. Alternatively it might be wireless/radio interference that is causing the problem. Do you have any other Bluetooth devices nearby?

I connect to my Nokia 6230 using a Nokia USB cable (CA-53), and it works fine, so maybe you could get hold of one of these.

Best of luck,


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