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getting frontlineSMS output and posting it to a website

hello, i'm a contributor with and we wanted to use FrontlineSMS to get readers to send in their text messages like election results, breaking news and the like. We'd like that that data gets pushed to our website. Our blog's based on Wordpress. is there anyway to do this with FrontlineSMS?

i tried searching frontlinesms on this but haven't seen it.

hope you guys can point me towards the right direction.


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As I've come across this post asking how to create a WordPress post via FrontlineSMS, I've taken the liberty to modify your example plugin to do just that.

It can be found at

This is only a very stripped-down proof of concept and will simply use the SMS message as post title and post description (and create a draft post), but could eg be modified to use the keyword as a post category (as Fabian requested above).

Hope this comes in useful for someone...

cool plugin :)

Hey there , even i m strugling for the same
Is it possible to have simpler way to achive this.
Can we have this in simpler way...pls help

Hi Sudi,

what exactly are you trying to achieve, and where are you struggling?

Well I m trying to interface with word press,  I downloaded the latest wp-frontlinesms plugin, & installed , @ settings i get a page giving  me a link with KEY , i guess  which i am suppose to link in frontlinesms external trigger , which i did ,  still no sucess , i don't  know i am missing somthing  ... pls advice

there is an extra space after "kk=" (and before"</b>") on line 35 of frontlinesms_admin.php in kaka enindhita prakasa's plugin, which stops the link from working.

You can either edit that file, or manually remove the space from the link before pasting it into FSMS and it'll work...

Alternatively, the modified plugin I posted above *should* work as is - just upload the php file to your plugins directory and activate.

Do not try to run both plugins at the same time though, as they share a function of the same name and will cause an error.

Both of these plugins are not really suitable for installing on a production site as they are - they are a proof-of-concept and will need some work, but should point you in the right direction...  

Thanks axel for reply,

but  still i think i am missing somthing , as you commented, this is probably not the right way to go for production scenario , can u pls support on this ....

Hi Sudi,

while I'm happy to help out with specific problems whenever possible, I do not have the time to write your software for you, especially without knowing what that software is supposed to achieve.

The above code successfully posts to WordPress, which is what you asked for.

I can think of a number of great community-journalism-type applications for this, and if there is a non-profit organisation that needs help implementing this in an interesting real-world case, I might be interested to get involved (time permitting). 

For commercial use however I'm afraid I'll have to refer you to either FrontlineSMS's commercial support or a competent web developer.

HI Alex,

Thanks for your support,

finally it worked, i am still exploring the application ...

Thanks for suggestion .


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