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Hello everyone.

I'm trying to use FrontLine 1.5.8 over Ubuntu 9.04 (AMD64).

The problem I'm having is that if I start FrontLine after doing:
sudo ln -sf /dev/ttyACM0 /dev/ttyS0
Frontline crashes :(

If I start FrontLine without doing
sudo ln -sf /dev/ttyACM0 /dev/ttyS0
FrontLine starts, but don't find the port

If I start FrontLine without doing
sudo ln -sf /dev/ttyACM0 /dev/ttyS0
then with FrontLine opened, i do the symbolic link, and try to autodetect the phone, Frontline crash! :( (Happens the same if I do the manual connect)

The problem is that I didn't have a trace back to send....

Any Ideas?

Thak you!

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Hi Alex,

I am trying to use FSMS on my Vista installed on a partition on Macbook(1 yr old).
I also have wavecomGSM modem but still unable to identify that on my fSMS installed on my Vista ( or Mac).

But it could get this working on XP.

Please look at these log files. I re-installed FSMS and tried only with wavecom modem on this.

Please let me know what should I do.
Hi Deep,

It looks like FrontlineSMS is unable to detect any COM ports on your system. This may be a problem from using a Windows emulator; I have no experience with a setup like this, but it's likely to add complications.

There is a build of FrontlineSMS for Mac OSX; it might be worth giving that a try. You can get it from in the usual way.

Best wishes,


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