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I am wondering why the time stamp of text messages received thru frontlinesms is ahead of actual time. for example, one message i received today may 26, at 5:55 pm, the time stamp at frontlinesms is already may 27, 1:47 am

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Hi Rex

Thanks for your message.

This is a known problem, and one we're scheduled to look at. It was also reported here:

Hopefully you can bear with us for now. We hope to have it resolved in the next release (it only seems to happen on a very small number of installs).

Hi Ken. Am in Ethiopia working on some Medic Mobile project and have a similar problem especially figuring out time to dispatch reminders. Is their a solution for the time stamp yet?

Hi Jonathan


Reminders is still in Beta so there are still a few bugs, unfortunately. If you're working with Medic then ask Josh or Isaac if I were you. Dale Zak wrote this plug-in so would be best placed to answer your question, I suspect (Dale has done some work for Medic, too).


Let me know if you need any further help, or have problems connecting with Dale. Just send me an email or direct message in Ning and we'll go from there.


Hope you're well, sir.



Am well Ken. Thanks for the training you did to us in 2008 in Kenya by Plan International. Its really made me grow within the social media circles. Have been making use of FrontlineSMS for several use cases. Quite innovative software

It should be me thanking you, to be honest! You've been a great supporter and champion of our work since that meeting. It's great to have people like you on board.


Cheers.  \o/



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