FrontlineSMS let users send, receive and manage SMS over a mobile network.

i have already created a form named daily data in frontlinesms 1.5.8 and i have problem to put it in my nokia 5310.

I have already installed the java application frontlineform in the phone
configured it but when i chosse the form and press send, i receive an sms message with this information: there is a new form available for frontlinesms form: daily data.

when i try to enter new data, i have this message:there are currently no forms stored on this handset.


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Hi Isaac,

Any setting apart from "Not allowed" should allow you to send and receive SMS. Are any of the other settings available?

Hey Alex,

It's not giving me any option to unselect "not allowed" but strangely "ask every time" is also selected and I still can't send. I now wonder if this permissions thing is not the problem I'm facing because I also put the generic forms client on a motorola V197 and the permissions are set to allow messaging, but I still get the following error:

Unknown Error
An unknown error
occurred while
handling this
request: -32776:0


_CODE: -32773

Any ideas?
Hi Everyone,

Finally solved this annoying problem. The application was refusing to send messages because wasn't sending to a valid phone number (doh!). Under the options menu when I set the number of the server, I didn't add the "+" at the beginning. In Malawi at least, it's necessary to either use the local number or use the international number with the "+" in front.

fantastic - well done for solving that one Isaac - at least now we can interpret those error messages better.
Hi, Isaac,
could you solve your problem? Could be interesting for me, too.
Yes. Just to clarify, when I added the "+" before the number, or switched to using the local number, the forms client worked for me using the Nokia 2330 classic.

Hi everyone,


I have this same error when trying to use forms in the U.S.  I've tried various combinations of putting "+" and "1" in front of the server's phone number but it hasn't worked.  Has anyone gotten it to work in the US?  If so, please let me know what you put for the server's phone number.


Thanks for your help.

Hi Du,


Just to add here too, best thing to do is first check that the device you are using is compatible with FrontlineForms, as shown on the list found here:


If you have further questions once testing with a compatible device please do feel free to start a new thread on the forum.


Thanks, and good luck with the testing!


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