FrontlineSMS let users send, receive and manage SMS over a mobile network.

Hi every one! we are a non profit organization looking at a mass deployment which could recieve around 2500/SMS per hour(peak hour) and around 10,000 + SMS per day can frontline handle this kind of traffic?

what configuration interms of Database, GSM Modems etc you recommend for this kind of traffic? what care do I need to take ?

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Hi Sudhir

Any GSM modem, which almost all hubs like FrontlineSMS are built on, would likely struggle with that kind of volume. Simply put, the messages would come in in batches, sent by the operator, and once they're read and cleared from the device your network operator then sends the next lot. Depending on how they've configured their messaging centre, your SIM could be disabled getting that volume of incoming messages (it's rare, but can happen).

If you don't want to use a commercial provider for this project (I don't know who you have in your country, or where you're based) I'd speak to an operator and let them know what you're planning, and they may be able to help. It would certainly be wise to let them know you're planning this.

In terms of the database, it should comfortably handle a large number of messages, but if you go into the hundreds of thousands or millions then it might be necessary to switch to a more heavy duty one (FrontlineSMS uses sql lite by default).

Hope some of that helps.

a simple answer: you will need to use a commercial SMS aggregator like IntelliSMS or Clickatell to handle those volumes through FrontlineSMS (these are SMS send/receive options for the program) currently SMS receive is only supported by Intellisms, but you can add other receive services if you like.

As Ken says, you would not be able to use physical phones or modems connected to FLSMS to handle those volumes, noting that the theoretical GSM maximum is 5 or 6 SMS per SIM per minute in ideal situations, you probably won't get that much - say a maximum of 600 SMS per hour through a real SIM card.

So - make sure you have an internet connection, and set up with one of the aggregators, and do some load testing first - as I've not checked those sorts of loads before.
Thanks Ken will keep you posted
Thanks a lot
Hi Sudhir,

Did you succeed in using FSMS finally. Just curious as I too stay in AP and wish to know your experiences with FSMS.

Hey Sudhir,

Without being a dev for FLSMS, my guess is "NO". You need something bigger, and a good agreement with your mobile provider. Look for SMPP, and products like Kannel.
Get ready, as it won't be the point-and-click interface of FLSMS...

Hey I have not finished yet
can we talk over phone ?
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what about the option to use for example 10 phones connected to the server, option discussed here :

This could allow the system to send 10 x 600 = 6000 SMS/hour. Isn't it ?
anyway Sudhir, thanks for keeping post and provide feedback.
I'm interested in this discussion as I am working on a deployment in which chapters of our organization will be sending SMS to large numbers of individuals (my guess is at most 5,000 per location), but receiving a relatively small number of messages. Will it still be necessary to use Clickatell or an agreement with a local provider to do so? Will it be impossible to do so using a Huwai modem with a sim card?

Hi Rachel


GSM modems only handle a throughput of around eight messages per minute, so sending that number is going to take a very long time. Anything beyond the 100's and I'd certainly recommend using an online aggregator where possible (of course, this requires an Internet connection). Clickatell and IntelliSMS are both supported by FrontlineSMS (IntelliSMS is a little easier to set up). I don't think you're going to need to do anything with local providers either way, and even if you did it would likely be a long, painful and potentially expensive process.


if your only option was a GSM modem, then you can attach multiple devices to the computer, so in effect adding a second modem would double the sending speed, and so on. Three modems *should* give you up to 24 messages sent per minute, for example, but you would also need multiple SIM cards and you would then be sending from three different numbers.


I hope that helps.



Thanks very much Ken!
Hi Kiwanja, how can i integrate intellsms to FLSMS and doesn't use a commercial provider?

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