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New Phones for FrontlineSMS - what do people want?

Hi all,

we're testing a load of new phones for FrontlineSMS, so that we can give people more choice, both for normal SMS send and receive, and also for FrontlineForms.

To help us target our work in the best place:

Please tell us what phones you can get hold of easily!

(people often say that our list of working phones doesn't match the devices that you can easily buy on the street near where you work, so please tell us what they are!)

Not just the nokias, but the other phones too, (along with a guide price for what they cost locally if you know it!)

We'll then do our best to test them, and where necessary debug them to make it easier for your projects to get working equipment.


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yes - a very good point Andy,

some common new Nokia devices like the Nokia 1202 don't have any suitable data connections at all, so we'll have to look at other manufacturers devices more heavily!

Motos? Samsungs? LG's? SonyEricsson?

Tell us what you can easily buy near you, and we'll try to test it and add it to the list, if it's possible.
The Nokia 5130 XpressMusic is one of the most readily available phones w/ a USB connection in Ghana right now. It's about USD 115.

I'm interested in which currently available phones other people have found in Ghana/West Africa that work with forms? I'd like to start testing asap, but haven't been able to find a reasonably priced phone that will work.
any non-nokia phones available?

(sometimes you have to buy the USB or SERIAL cable seperately)
Motorola L6i available in kenya. Works well but does not send SMS. Available for approx kshs 6000. USB cable and software sold separatly for kshs 1000
I would like many Nokia phones to be supported. Nokia 5000, 7210, 5220. I had a hard time connecting to the service using my nokia phones. Support for standard GSM modem should also be added. GSM modems from Huewei and Prag.
I have been using LG Phone for a long time, especially LG KU250. It works very well with FrontlineSMS, giving USB cable in the original package and cheap in our country, approximately 80 USD. FrontlineSMS can automatically detect it and this phone will running forever without additional charging and without heating problem. I prefer it than my Nokia phone.

Iwan Suryolaksono
Hello. We have a variety of cell phones. Most use the USB interface. The popular models would be the NEXTEL Motorola units due to the PTT functions. Next down the line of preference would be Verizon models that include Samsung, LG, HTC and non PTT Motorolas. When the new software version comes out we could probably build a list of what works on our end and submit it to the forum.
We currently use quad band GSM windows mobile smartphones overseas globally. Support of AT&T HTC-based Pocket PC based smartphones (AT&T 8925, Fuze, Touch Pro, Touch Pro 2, etc.) would be extremely helpful. They typically cost around $500/each here in the US. Local posts also augment with less expensive phones.
That testing from you would be fantastic John, especially as we can't make USA/Verizon and similar phones work over here in our European office!

Can you also let us know the exact model numbers of phones when you are referring to them? (It should be marked under the battery if it's not shown elsewhere)

Many thanks,

So will all Nextel phones work, even smart phones?
Thanks Andy!

We use a huawei modem. it works. But, we also need to connect FrontlineSMS using Nokia (support symbian).
hi andy

nokia 3110 classic is quite lower cost here in the philippines

and it has good connectivity using ordinary usb cable

it's a system 40 phone


rene abad

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