FrontlineSMS let users send, receive and manage SMS over a mobile network.

I am m a new to frontline sms 1.5.8. i read from the help menu about SURVEY MANAGER but i cant see this screen. is there addition software that is needed to ne downloaded? please advise.

By the way, can anyone send me a link to FrontlineSMS Forms Client (a small program that reads forms and allows the user to fill them in and send the data back to me). I am told the phones need to be Java-enabled and be allowed by your network operator to connect to the Internet. any idea of the type of phone which are java enabled?
i appreciate your feedback


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Hi Honory

Everything you need is in the "Help" files, which you find in the Help menu in FrontlineSMS. The section on SurveyManager shows you that it's in the "Classic View", which you get to in the View menu. There is also an entire section on Forms, the data collection tool.

Best of luck!


I am trying to create a branched survey questionnaire in which the questions depend on the persons response, and I would like this to be all SMS based.

I am currently running frontline SMS on my Mac and am also looking for the SureyManager tab. I looked in the "View Menu" for "Classic View" and tried to find it in every other way and cannot seem to find it. I am able to create keywords and begin setting up triggers, but am looking for the surveymanager so that i can hopefully manage my keywords and survey's better.

Also, I saw that there was something called textforms. both of these things are shown in a snapshot pic of version are they available in my version a href=">?" target="_blank">>? if not, can i go back a version?

Lastly, is there a way to copy form word or any other test and past to frontlineSMS. Having to write the same question over and over again for each response to each previous answer choice is time consuming.

Thank you for your help


Hi Will

Thanks for your message, and welcome to the community!

SMS-based surveys/questionnaires in FrontlineSMS are only very basic, unfortunately, so you can't do branches. All you can do is have users answer a set question and then automatically fire off the next one. There's a post here which explains how best to do that:

With TextForms, this isn't publicly available yet - I'll get one of my colleagues to respond on that.

Please let us know how you get on or what you decide to do.



Thank you for your prompt reply and welcoming me to FrontlineSMS.

What about the Survey Manager tab? how do I gain access to it?


Hi again, Will

SurveyManager is no longer, I'm afraid. All it did was make it easy to view messages based on keywords used for surveys. This can now be done in the core FrontlineSMS platform. The only way to run a non-branching survey now is explained on that link I sent over.

Hope that helps.


Thank you

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