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Has anyone translated the Frontline SMS help guide into French? Does anyone have a version of a guide that is in French? I'd be interested in obtaining a copy if you'd be willing to share.


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Here is the first page, the introduction to Frontline, translated into French by Equal Access.
Hi there.
I was wondering if anyone has done any further work on a French translation of the help guide. I am working with FrontlineSMS:Medic to create adapt our field guide to francophone Africa and would love to collaborate with anyone currently working on this!
Hi Alex

I'm not aware of anyone doing any further work, but let's see what kind of response you get. We are working on a user guide with Ashoka right now, and it might be an interesting exercise to translate this into French, but it won't be as comprehensive as the "Help" files.

Let me know what kind of response you get, and we can maybe work with you to try and help make something happen.

Equal Access is working in Chad and Niger, which is why I originally asked about a French help guide. We do not have many resources to spare but would be willing to contribute as we can if someone endeavors to translate the "Help Guide" or other materials into French.

Apologies for reopening an old thread, but wondering what the status is of French materials. Does anyone has a French user/help guide available?



Hi Marc,

Thanks for getting in touch about this. As far as I know, there are no additional resources available in French at present. Sorry I can't be of more help on this; if you have any further questions please do feel free to ask.

If anyone here in the community is able to offer help on translations we would be more than happy to work with them, and release any suitable translated materials via the FrontlineSMS website to help support other users. If this is of interest please get in touch

All the Best


Thanks for the response Flo. If we get a chance to work on the translation I will let you know and make sure that it can be available for the rest of the community too.



Hi Matt

You could reach out to Kelly. RANET did some FrontlineSMS guides in French and Portuguese (although they seem to be offline now). He might be able to share what he did:

Good luck!


Thanks Ken, I will follow up with them.

On an unrelated note, your last post does not show up on the forum page ( but I do see it on your profile page. (I tested on Chrome and IE, same result)

Hey Marc,

Great, let us know how you get along following up on Ken's tip.

I think Ken's comment is not showing up here because he may have edited it after posting - that can sometimes mean the comment won't show up, for some reason. Glad the message was received nonetheless! =)



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