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My phone is detected but not conecting to Frontline SMS software it is only available in lower window of phones tab. I am using Motorola L6i mobile.

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Hi Joshi

Have you gone through the "Troubleshooting" section in the "Help" files? There are a number of tips on things to try if you have connection problems. Try those, and if everything is correct and you still have problems, send your log files (also done in the "Help" menu) and let us know.

Hi Ken,
Yes,I have gone through the help. According to the diections given in the help, I HAVE CONNECTED SUCCESSFULLY for some computers but not for all. What may be the problem I am not understanding. I tried with different handlers also in "Connect Mannually" option. Also the port and cable is working fine. It is detecting but not connecting successfully. please help me in this regard.


R N Joshi
Hi Joshi

I'm not sure what you mean by "connected successfully on some computers but not all". Do you mean that you have had FrontlineSMS working on another computer? If so, that would indicate to me that something is missing or wrong with the machine you are using now.

With Motorola, I believe you need to install the PC Suite (or equivalent) software for all the drivers to correctly install. FrontlineSMS will not detect the phone if it is not loading as a COM port on your computer.

Hi ken,
I will install PC Suit and try once again.
Thanks for giving Suggestion.

Hello ken,

I had problem to connect motorola L6i with FrontlineSMS software. It is now solved and no problem at present.
Now I am trying to connect Nokia 2626 but unable to connect it. I have installed the data cable driver and tried using different handlers also. Still I am not able to connect. Tell me can we connect Nokia 2626 ? if yes what steps I have to follow? Please help me in this regard.

Rajashekhar Joshi
Hi Joshi

The Nokia 2626 is not on the supported phones list. Originally one or two users seemed to have success, but we couldn't repeat it unfortunately. So stick with the other phone you have, or consult the list on the website here (under the "Request Download" section).

Ok, I will try other mobiles which are in the list. One more query I have that is ,how to enable GPRS on Nokia 2626 to load frontlineforms to phone.

Hi Joshi

Unfortunately we can't offer that level of handset support, and don't have a Nokia 2626 here to test with or check. You will need to refer to the user guide, or look online. Regardless, you will need to get the GPRS settings from the local operator you're using, which may be available on their website. It might be easier to pop back to where you bought the phone and ask them for help.

Good luck with this.

Hi Ken,
I have a problem while sending created form from FrontlineSMS software to phones.
When I send a form to selected phones(Contacts), it is loading that form to 1 or 2 mobiles. It is not loading to all mobiles which I have selected. All phones phones are Nokia 2626. But once I have succeeeded in sending a form to 9 phones at a time. Why this happens? I have tried many times but not getting all mobiles loaded with that form. I have also gone through the help content of the software. Same procedure I am following.

Please give me the solution.

R N Joshi Delete Comment
Hi Joshi,
Alex and Ben are away right now and I'm afraid I don't have the answer to this one myself - do you have all 9 phones with you or are there 9 different users out in different locations?
If they are all with you - is there any pattern to which handsets get the form and which don't?
Best regards,
Hi Tom,
All mobile phones are at one location with me, from whre I load the forms. Their is no any pattern that we can analyse why only one or two mobiles are getting forms.
Waiting for the reply.

With regards,

R N Joshi
Hi Joshi,
I'm afraid that sounds like a problem I cannot answer - Alex is back from holiday next week and should be able to help.
Apologies for that,

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