FrontlineSMS let users send, receive and manage SMS over a mobile network.

My phone is detected but not conecting to Frontline SMS software it is only available in lower window of phones tab. I am using Motorola L6i mobile.

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Hi Tom,

Ok, I will wait. Please intimate this problem to Alex when he comes back.

R N Joshi
Hi Joshi

Silly question, but have you tried sending the Forms to the phones one-at-a-time rather than as a Group? This might be worth trying while we wait for Alex to return.

Hi ken,

We meed to sent one form to a group of phones because if we do it for one by one phone then we will have same form many copies. This makes us difficult in analysing data as we have about 20 mobiles. So better to have single form loaded to all mobile phones. I will wait untill Alex comes back. Please pass this query to him and reply the solution.

R N Joshi
Hi Joshi,

Is there any chance you could provide a log showing the forms failing to send? It sounds like either:
1) you have more than SMS device attached to FrontlineSMS, and forms only successfully send from one of them, or
2) the phone numbers for the phones which do not receive the forms are entered in a format that is not compatible with FrontlineSMS or your SMS device.



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