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Hi Everyone,

This post is mostly directed at the FLSMS developers but anyone "in the know" please feel free to answer too.

Does the FLSMS team have plans to support external program SMS initiation? One of the projects I'm working on will eventually require an external script to broadcast updates to everyone who's requested a keyword so this functionality will be important to the success of the project.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Anthony

Nice to hear from you again!

In response to your question, yes - the next release of the software will allow external applications to "push" messages into the FrontlineSMS messaging engine, which will then do the heavy lifting for you. This means that messages can be sent out from third party applications without there needing to be an incoming SMS with a keyword trigger.

I hope that helps, and is what you're looking for. \o/

Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks Ken and I can't wait for the next release. It's amazing the world you guys have opened for people working on SMS based social projects. You've reduced costs to almost nothing. I can't say thank you enough.

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