FrontlineSMS let users send, receive and manage SMS over a mobile network.

Hi, does anyone know of any organizations in the USA that are using Frontline? I would like to hear from them in this forum. Thanks.

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The United Methodist Women. Just starting out.
Hi Emily,

Thanks for your reply. Where are you located? I'd also like to know how your organization will be using Frontline. My interest in using it is the area of education (middle & high school, and adults), parent and community outreach.
If you keep an eye out on the FrontlineSMS blog, we'll be adding uses as we get interesting stories. This one, earlier this week, is US-based.

We're about to start using FrontlineSMS in the US and elsewhere at to gear up for our International Day of Climate Action on October 24. I'm interested to hear what the best option is for prepaid SIMs that I can use in an unlocked SMS modem. Any thoughts? shoot me an email at

I'd love to hear a little about how people using FLSMS in the US are handling message purchase. I am helping a small community support NGO set up messaging for their volunteers.


I prefer to use a bulk gateway like Clickatell, but they require US messages purchase a shortcode, which is well out of the budget of the group I am working with. IntelliSMS offers less functionality than Clickatell, and a UK response number, which would likely be confusing to the group's audience.


It's an option to purchase a modem, but I'd rather avoid it. Would love any thoughts from community members.





Hi Katherine


I'll chip in while everyone else sleeps over the weekend.  =)


I'm not aware of any aggregators who provide free access to their incoming SMS services, so will be very interested if anyone else chips in with anything different. Generally-speaking it's cheaper to get a GSM modem, unless volumes are particularly high and need a more scalable solution.


Hope you're well.



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