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Hi all!

Just wanted to know if you guys have had an experience of connecting when the SIM card is locked. From my experience last night, FLSMS can't seem to connect to the unit (I was testing a Huawei USB stick modem).

In Phone Manager, all I see is on the COM port status is: "Connected at 921600. Testing for higher speed" or something like that. This went on for at least 15 minutes, at which point I stopped the detection process.

Just wondering if FLSMS would have a feature to have the user unlock the SIM prior to detecting the device.

-- Thor

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Hi Thor

We are planning on adding PIN entry at some stage, but for now you'll have to manually remove PIN protection from any SIM you're using before FrontlineSMS will be able to access it.

as Ken says, the current version does not support PINs.

you should load up the modem's own control software, which should have a configuration option to remove the SIM lock.

Alternatively, you can put the SIM briefly into a normal phone, and use those phone menu's to remove the PIN lock.

(I don't just mean entering the PIN, there should be a menu option to totally remove the PIN lock, so that you can insert the SIM back into the Huwaii, and not need to add PIN any more.)
Ben & Ken,

Thanks for the reply. I actually did remove the PIN lock, I was just wondering if FLSMS already had this feature, albeit a secret one. :D

Again, thanks!

-- T

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