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I'm trying to create a simple questionnaire (5 yes/no questions). I can not use Forms as that requires client phone to download FrontlineSMSForms, which may not be possible in all cases (not java-enabled phones). Using SurveyManager I don't see a way to create questionnaire. Is there way to create questionniare without using Forms so any phone can receive it and respond to it?


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You are going to have to set a keyword for each of the questions you want to ask, and then people will have to respond by texting in a message starting with that keyword, followed by a 'YES' or 'NO', for example: With 'HAPPY' as the keyword, they text 'HAPPY YES' or 'HAPPY NO'. You then have to also set an autoreply so that it sends them the next question. It's quite a manual process but the only way of doing it with single SMS. You're going to have to experiment with keywords and autoreplies to make it work, but it is possible.

Thanks, Ken. I'll give it a try. I wonder how they ( do it - they allow you to create a questionnaire and send it out as sms - I guess it might be in a similar way as you mentioned.

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