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By error, i deleted the frontline form the movil, then re enter the client, but when I send the request to the server for get new form, the server said, "no forms" , why that happen?? how i fix that and recive the forms again?

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Hi Lester

We're right in the middle of preparing the next release of FrontlineSMS, so the developers are a little pushed for time. I suggest deleting the Form in FrontlineSMS and re-creating it, and sending it again. I know this will be a bit of extra work for you, but it will probably get you running again a little quicker. If you're not able to do this because the Form has been sent to multiple other phones, let me know.


Hi Lester

Just another quick thought - if you remove the contact in Contact Manager for the phone with the deleted Form, and then add them in again, you should be able to re-send the Form to the phone. Hope that makes sense!

Let me know how you get on.

I tried that, but don't fix the problem, and delete all the form and resent the form is dificult because we have 36 phones with the same forms.
So you tried deleting the contact and re-setting it up?

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