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I'm using a unlocked Huawei E-220 modem with either a valid T-Mobile Pay-as-You-Go SIM or a ATT GSM SIM (iPhone contract) and on both Mac and Windows XP machines I'm getting the "SIM card invalid. GSM network registration failed." message with FrontlineSMS.

Yes, both SIM chips are live, activated and tested. For the E-220 I downloaded the Mac software and the XP machine auto-discovered it. Both computers recognize the modem and try to dial out on it to connect with T-Mobile or ATT as a data modem (don't have contract for that, so this operation fails), so I know the computers are recognizing the modem.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi all, I was having the same problem as described here by Wayan (Error message "SIM card invalid. GSM network registration failed"). I have just resolved the issue that I was experiencing so I am writing to share what I did.

First, I am using FrontlineSMS version 1.6.08-RC3 and a Huawei E169 modem. Next, I installed and opened the program called "Mobile Partner," which came installed on my modem. Then, I clicked on the menu item called Tools, then on Options, and then on the Network tab. Within the Network tab, I chose "GSM Preferred" as my Network Type, and "All Bands" as my Band.

I then restarted FrontlineSMS, ran the "Auto Detect Phone" function, and sent a successful test message to my phone. I have been successful sending messages with "Mobile Partner" both running and closed, so it appears that this program has no effect on the functioning of FrontlineSMS.

Thanks for sharing this, Aaron! Think we may have to review our instructions about closing all other programs which access the port. All good fun. \o/

Cheers, Ken
Hi Aaron,

Great to hear that you've got this working :-)


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