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Has anyone used FrontlineSMS for Windows in Pakistan and if so, what phone did you use from the following list?

And can you tell me whether there is a special USB cable you used to connect the phone?

I would love to borrow a phone that actually worked with FrontlineSMS. So far, no phones have worked for me.


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excellent. Thanks for your help in following this problem through Junaid!

We'll build in the international + and 00 code addition into the UI on the next build of Frontline, so that it's easier for future users!

I am thankful to all of you for your support throughout. Well, just another issue is here for me, let me ask this, I today changed the SIM card, and got this error. Status [SIM card invalid.: GSM network registration failed.]. I am using Sony Ericsson GC79 GPRS Card this time.This worked for me yesterday with another SIM. Am I supposed to enable some service from the service provider's side? or this some configuration problem.

Hi Junaid,

Sounds like your new SIM card is not actually active! Try putting it in a normal phone and see if you can make calls with it. If you *can* then we will have to think a bit harder!


Hello Alex,

Yes, I am able to call and make SMS from the SIM Card and its active, I am using it for last 2-3 years. In fact I used two different SIM cards to test it. Both are working fine with phone.

Hi guys

I'm not sure if this is related, but during my testing I inserted an O2 SIM into a GSM modem here and got the same message. The O2 number I was using I've had for 5 years and it was ported from a different operator.

Although it might not make a huge amount of sense (but then again, maybe it does!) perhaps there are issues using SIM's with ported numbers in GSM cards and modems?

Of course, I'm assuming Junaid has had the number ported from a different operator with the SIM he's trying to use.

After I bought the Nokia 6030 and an aftermarket cable, I found the same problem as well - the cable doesn't work. Might y'all take off the 6030 from your list then - there are no Nokia cables for it and so we that buy the phone just to use with FrontlineSMS are finding frustration, not solution.

I am in Islamabad and have been desperately trying to get Frontline SMS to work. It seems like you have been successful. Can you please get in touch with me and lend a helping hand? I need it to run for a flood relief initiative here. If you can speak with me and guide me through the process, I would be really grateful!

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