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Has anyone used FrontlineSMS for Windows in Pakistan and if so, what phone did you use from the following list?

And can you tell me whether there is a special USB cable you used to connect the phone?

I would love to borrow a phone that actually worked with FrontlineSMS. So far, no phones have worked for me.


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Hi Junaid

Thanks for the message.

Have you checked out the Troubleshooting section in the FrontlineSMS Help files?

It's possible that one of the phones you're trying to use will work, but FrontlineSMS is being blocked from seeing it. For example, Nokia PC Suite locks phones, so no software in the world will be able to access it. I'm assuming you're not trying to connect a Blackberry, a Symbian or a Windows Mobile? These all behave very differently to other phones and we won't be supporting them for a while.

Give us a little more information on the problem you're having (for example, does the phone appear in the "Non-Working" section of the Phones screen, or does it not appear at all).


Hi Ken, I'm working with Junaid to use FrontlineSMS in Pakistan. I asked him to post that question because I will need to buy him a phone that actually works with FrontlineSMS in Pakistan and I have been unable to get FSMS to recognize a phone that is supposedly supported-- the Motorola Razr V3x. Actually, mine is a V3xx. Are the xx and the x different?

Anyway, FrontlineSMS doesn't autodetect it here in Virginia USA via my mini USB cable on my Macbook Pro with the FSMS for mac version.

So with the problem I am experiencing I figured I wouldn't buy a phone for our Pakistan project until we *actually confirm through tests* that there is a phone that *actually works* there.

It will require an expensive phone so that I why we're trying to find out who has actually used it in Pakistan-- we read about some Pakistan FrontlineSMS users here:

Could you put us in touch with any of them?
Hi Israel

I've been travelling today and just returned home, so will look into this properly tomorrow.

One obvious question at this stage - have you installed a Mac driver for the Motorola phone you are using? Obviously you can attach it to the computer, but without a driver the computer won't recognise it, and FrontlineSMS won't know it's there.

I'm guessing there's a Mac driver for that phone, but you can probably Google it (most manufacturers provide drivers on their websites).

If this helps let me know, else we'll be in touch tomorrow.


Hello Ken,

Thanks for your suggestion, I have re-installed the drivers for the USB cable. Yes, I had that Nokia PC Suite running at the same time too, just shut it down and checked again but no success. ONLY ONE CHANGE I was getting the STATUS as no phone detected before but, today I am getting the STATUS saying "Disconnected" with all the other softwares shut.

- with PC Suite running -> Disconnected: Failed to connect
- with PC Suite shutdown -> Disconnected

- with PC Suite shutdown -> Disconnected: Failed to connect

I had used both Nokia 6030 and Nokia 2610. The cable is CA-45 USB Cable.

Any idea what I am missing here ?

Hi Guys,

usual install routine is:

make sure all of the drivers for your phone are installed, usually achieved by installing the phone manufacturer's desktop suite, and confirming that the manufacturer's desktop suite can connect to the phone.

Now turn off the desktop suite. (don't uninstall it, just exit it, and close any taskbar/tray programs that may be connecting to the phone and hogging the connections)

Now start Frontline, and it should be able to auto-detect.

If it tries to connect to the phone, and fails and disconnects, please send us the debug logs, and we'll try to help you further!

Yes thats all working fine I am able to connect to the phone via cable using its software. But still unable to connect it to FrontlineSMS. I am attaching the logs file.

thanks for the logs, was the last handset you tried the 6030 or the 2610? Or some other phone?
last most was the 6030.
Ben, I have another Nokia 7360 phone. Nokia forum says that it support CA-42 cable. But it didn't worked for me even I was unable to connect it via PC Suite. But, I have a serial cable that enable me to connect to it and I was able to access it from the software "MobiMB Mobile Media Browser". Is there a way I can try to use the serial cable with 7360 to connect to FrontlineSMS?

not sure the 7360 will work.

with the 2610 or 6030 can you try the following:

Set up a manual connection:

port: 5
baud: 9600 or 19200
handler: default

if that doesn't work:
port: 6
baud: 9600 or 19200
handler: default
(to try the serial cable, you may have to use COM1 or COM2)

Thanks for all you support Ben, but still no progress for me.

Here is something I want to share.

I found today on Nokia forum that the cable [CA-45] I am using for connecting Nokia 6030 and Nokia 2610 is not a Nokia product nor its drivers are from Nokia. In fact Nokia has not show any supported cable for the said phones. This is also true that somebody at forum said that third party cable drivers enable the use of these types of phones [That I also have done using “MobiMB Mobile Browser Software”]. But, Nokia PC suite never detected these phones for me.

I would highly appreciate if you can provide me with some details either by trying yourself or some other technical person to check with a Nokia 6030 or the same series phone. Helpful details might include the cable, driver, and any supported stuff.


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