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Please help me. I have successfully install the software. Now my laptop only have a usb port. I am using a Nokia 3250. How do I make the program see the phone?

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Hi Claudius

You will need a certified Nokia USB cable for your phone which you will need to connect to your computer. If you have a cable, then you should have got a CD with it with some drivers which you need to install on your computer.

Follow the instructions in the "Help" files here:

Thanks. I got to know my phone is symbian( ). Luckily I have a Nokia 2626. Going to get a cable. Will keep you updated
Hi Claudia, I also have a Nokia 2626. If you have managed to get it to work for you, may i know the specific name of the Nokia cable? Is it CA-45? There are so many data cable offered by Nokia, so I just wanna make sure we got the right one. Tks!
still yet to find a cable for the nokia 2626 which works. all phone shop here says the nokia 2626 does not have a data cable. Will really love to use this osftware.
I have the same issue here looking for the cable. Been reading online, many are also having getting the PC driver for the PC to recognize the phone even if they managed to get the cable. I really wonder how did the others managed to get it to work in the first place, whoever who listed that Nokia 2626 is compatible.

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