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Is anyone familar with this group? I've attended other barcamps, but recently got an invite to join this group. You can also check them out on facebook at

Here's a snipet of an email. First: huge thanks to each of you for the support you've shown this event.

"From BarCamp Africa: We are hoping to secure a Silicon Valley location by mid-week and will be sharing an enthusiastic update then. But now, with only 5 weeks to go, we'd like to ask YOU for your input and suggestions regarding BarCamp Africa.

What would YOU like to ACCOMPLISH at this event?

WHO ELSE would you like to have come to BarCamp to make it most valuable to you?

How would you like to SHARE THE MESSAGE before, during and after the event so that we can reach the greatest number of people and offer the most benefit?

And what can you OFFER that will HELP BarCamp Africa succeed?

Please take a moment to reply with any thoughts or requests--AND, please, to invite others to attend, or to be aware of, this groundbreaking event. We greatly look forward to learning from you and to using your input to help shape a powerful, memorable and actionable day.

With best regards,"

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