FrontlineSMS let users send, receive and manage SMS over a mobile network.

Hi :)

First of all congrats to FrontlineSMS people for such fantastic SW!!! I am playing with it right now considering using it for our campaigns. And i have first question. If and if yes how i can get delivery reports. All i can see is if was the sending successful or if it failed. Can i see behind eg. if the TXT was delivered and when?

I am using phone and Clicktell for the tests but for the size of the campaign we will definitely have to use Clicktell later.

Thanks a lot for reply ;-)

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Ok. Just found out that i can get delivery reports only if i am sending the TXTs from the mobile. Is there any way how to get them if i use Clicktell for sending and mobile for Receiving? Thanks
Hi Igor

I'm not sure if Clickatell support delivery reports. One of the FrontlineSMS developers can probably answer that better, but if you check the Clickatell forums/website I'm sure the topic will be there.

Let me know how you get on!

Hi. I searched for it firstly but did not find any discussion about that. I will write to Clicktell and ask them ;-)
Hi guys,

Sorry to take so long to reply. I think Clicaktell can support delivery reports, but FrontlineSMS does not currently implement them for Clickatell. You should be able to check your Clickatell account online to see delivery statuses, but obviously this is not as convenient as FrontlineSMS telling you!
Thanks a lot.
When do u think FL SMS can provide that. Or is there any other way how to find out if the pone number is active?
Hi Igor

This is functionality which we'll need to add to the list, and include next time we get funding or have time to do it. Hopefully it will be supported soon...

The other way to check if a number is active is to send a message to it through an attached phone, which will support delivery confirmations, or check your Clickatell account online (just log into it) and see whether the message was delivered or failed.

Hope that helps!


Hi Igor,

I work at Victoria University of Wellington and planning to use FrontlineSMS for some projects based in the Pacific. I like to connect with other users in NZ. If you are still around in NZ, please respond to this message or contact me on



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