FrontlineSMS let users send, receive and manage SMS over a mobile network.

Is there a way the numbers in the contacts need to be uploaded.

For example, we have the numbers now as 024-2935944. I could not get excel to accept 0242935944--it kept dropping the first 0.

Do we need to include the country code, or +, or 00?


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Hi JK,

It's safest to use international numbers with FrontlineSMS, e.g. +447890123456, but you should be fine with local numbers. Yo'll need to get rid of the '-' in the middle of the numbers though, as FrontlineSMS won't accept that (hey, maybe it should!).

For Excel, you'll probably need to change the column settings for the phone number column - should be a plain "text" column instead of "numeric", i suspect.

Hope this helps,

thank you!

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