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HI i tried connecting to frontlineSMS using Huawei Modem but couldnt go through.Any one with ideas?

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Hi Tom,

I searched the logs for Exceptions on the serial connections.  I find the following command pretty useful (grep should be included with Linux & OSX; I think you can download it for Windows):

grep -B 1 serial.*Exception frontlineSMS.debug.log | less




From checking the logs again, it looks like only bluetooth ports are currently being checked.  It may be that there is further config required on your Mac to make USB-based ports visible to FrontlineSMS...

Alex, thank you. I'll give that a try next time.





Any idea how I might play with the configuration? I did a quick search and nothing meaningful came up. Any suggestions?

Hi Daniel,


Make sure you have the correct drivers installed for your modem, and if there is manufacturer-supplied SMS software, check that works on this computer.


Might help as well to share:

* What modem make and model do you have?

* How is the modem connected?

* What OS are you running?


Sorry I can't be more helpful,





I thought I had put the info here, but may be it was somewhere else. 


Modem works perfect for internet and sending and receiving text. 

I'm using Huawei E153 modem on OSX 10.6.7


Thanks for the support, but I never figured this out. Unfortunately the barrier is too high and makes me feel dumb. I just don't understand the port conflict problem. Is there anyone successfully running Frontline SMS on a Mac? If so, it would be saintly to provide some documentation as to how to do it. On the Ushahidi website, there are pics of the developers using Macs, presumably running Frontline SMS to gather crisis info. Maybe they have solved the problem.





Had a similar problem, frontlinesms did not want to include my Huawei E122 modem in "Working Devices" however listed it in "Non-working devices" I am running windows 7 32 bit and frontlinesms

I downloaded "Mobile Partner" software from Huawei, installed that, it then reinstalled the drivers, I set the modem to not ask for PIN code and then presto frontlinesms recognized my modem and I am able to send and receive.



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