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We have been using FrontlineSMS successfully for about a month now (with more than 500 messages received). But, the program no longer uploads new SMS nor forwards new SMS to the email account.

The phone says, "no space for new text messages" but we have chosen the option to "Delete messages from phone after receiving" and the phone is detected.

If the sim card is placed in another phone then messages instantly start popping up from the backlog.

If you have any suggestions, that would be great!


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It looks as though there is a problem with the clearing of messages from the phone. If you manually remove them all (most phones allow for the mass clearing of the inbox, sent box, etc) then that will solve your problem for now. You can then carry on using FrontlineSMS as before.

If you can let us know what phone you are using that would help.

Thanks, and good luck getting back up and running!

Thanks Ken for your suggestion. But unfortunately, not all the messages that are in the phone have been uploaded yet to Frontline either.

I am using the Nokia 2626 model...

Check that the sent box is empty, and if not that can be safely cleared and may free up some space.

As for the inbox, you're probably best to manually delete messages for now (or a large number of them) starting with the oldest. If you have a spare SIM card somewhere, put this in the phone while you do the deleting so that no new messages start to come through as space is freed up. Once you are finished, you can put the original SIM back and then reconnect with FrontlineSMS to start receiving the new messages.

Let me know if this works!

hi Ken,

But the messages are part of our dataset. Those stored in the phone have not yet been uploaded into frontlineSMS so if we delete them, we would lose that data...

There are 'new' messages (i.e. messages that not yet been uploaded to frontline but may be from weeks ago) saved to the phone and 'new' messages saved to the SIM--and neither are being uploaded. The sent items box is empty.

I have deleted a few messages to free up space, but still nothing is uploading...


Are you sure none of the messages have been uploaded to FrontlineSMS? The only way I can imagine that the phone would get so full is for FrontlineSMS to take the messages over the past days and weeks but not be removing them from the phone. Maybe this isn't the case.

If the older messages haven't been uploaded to the FrontlineSMS database then I'll wait for one of the developers to suggest what might be happening!

That would be great if your developers have some suggestions.

Just as an update, I did use another SIM in the phone to delete all messages stored in the phone. After replacing the original SIM, a few new messages from today have now uploaded into the phone but not into FrontlineSMS and also nothing has been forwarded to the email account.

Your help would be much appreciated.

Hi JK,

can you click to submit your logs to frontline from the help system, that way we can see all of the details.

What we had seen in the past was when an earlier version of Frontline was trying to download an SMS with some special characters in it, or a binary message like a WAP push or service message, it would fail, and not download anything else.

Are you on the latest version of Frontline?

As a temporary fix, You could try forwarding a couple of the very oldest messages out of the phone to another SIM, deleting them, and see if that starts the download again having removed the troublesome messages, then you can send the messages back from the temporary SIM that you forwarded them to for temporary storage?
Ben and Ken,

Thanks for your help on this. I am not sure if it was the solution, but I deleted the "read" messages from the SIM's memory and left the "unread." They system has now been working without any errors.

Thanks again!

I would ask you about how do you successfully connect your nokia 2626 with PC (what kind of cable and software/driver ?), because I can't. I use a CA-45 / FBUS cable and it doesn't work for Frontlinesms. I'm afraid that there is no other solution... Your help would much be appreciated, really.

You're going to need to leave a message for JK on their member screen, not here in the Forum. Look for them in the Members section and leave a message on their profile screen.

Ok! Thanks.

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