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Hello friends,
I am trying to learn about frontline sms external commands feature.
We want to use it to automatically export the sms database table to a csv file.
I also want to know if there is an additional manual that has examples of using this feature. We are in the requirements building stage of our project and are trying to understanding the potential of this feature.

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Hi Chimbo,

Unfortunately this is an issue in frontlinesms. It is not possible to remove the keyword from the message content for external command.
A workaround needs to be done on your server, to remove the keyword there.

Sorry for that.
Hi Chimbo,

It would be good to strip the keyword, I think. I will make Carlos fix this in the next release!


well we got the solution with the php explode command, so far it is working, but we still have issues that the data from the database does not get back to frontlinesms. We get everything we write in the script but no data from the db.
In the browser windows it shows up right.
hope to get it solved so that we can query databases for phonenumbers.
Anyway, if you solve the issue on your end with the option to have the keyword removed before it does the http get command, that would be wonderful.
Frist, I want to apologize, if I bother you guys to much. So please ignore the message if my questions are to stupid.

I have the external command set:${keyword}&${message_content}
this seems to work, as the keyword "PHONELIST" is processed and I get a SMS response.

The script2.php looks like this:

$fullname=explode("PHONELIST ",$fullname);
//echo "->" . $fullname[1] . "->";
mysql_select_db("$db") or die('no se puede conectar a la base.');
$query = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM swcontacts WHERE fullname='$fullname[1]'");
While ($result=mysql_fetch_array($query,MYSQL_ASSOC))
$msg= htmlspecialchars($msg." ".$result['fullname']." ".$result['businesstelephonenumber']." ".$result['mobiletelephonenumber']." ");

In a browser, in this case Firefox, I get the Testmessage, Name, Last Name and Phone Numbers (see attached file). However, I only get "TEXTMESSAGE" in my SMS without the Name and the Phone Numbers I am trying to query.
Why do I only get part of the content? What am I doing wrong?
Thanks Chimbo from Ecuador
Hi Carlos,

Thanks for the example XML FrontlineSMS command. Is there a documentation of available "XML based FrontlineSMS command"?

hey carlos
Ya im working now on that external commands, im clear with how to fetch data from the website database using external commands and keywords. i have written the php scripts and hosted on my web server.
Now the problem is in getting the message from the user and insert to the website database through frontline sms. here i dunno how to set a keyword and external commands for it. can you help me out in this by giving a small example in a php script.
Imagine that the mobile user typing the product id, product name, product amount and sends the sms to the sms server (FL SMS). now the frontline sms should insert that particular datas in exisiting table called product in website database.
Can u help me through giving a sample php script. it wil be very helpful if u send as soon as possible.
hi... its mahantesh here i got project on FSMS. can u plz tell me how actually v use external commands.

Hi there Mahantesh,


Thanks for posting. Just to let you know that our lead software developer is the best person to help with this question and he is away at the moment, so there may be a slight delay in getting back to you. We have let him know about your post though, and he will respond asap.


Best Wishes,


There's quite a lot of information on using External Commands in this discussion, which you should read through. There's also a page in the "Help" files which gives additional information, here:




can u plz tell me how can to link my database to FSMS................

Hi Mahantesh


There are a number of posts in the Forum already from users who have tried to do this. Please search through there - you will find answers or people who have previously had the same question as you.







everything you need to know is here:


Good luck.




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