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Hello friends,
I am trying to learn about frontline sms external commands feature.
We want to use it to automatically export the sms database table to a csv file.
I also want to know if there is an additional manual that has examples of using this feature. We are in the requirements building stage of our project and are trying to understanding the potential of this feature.

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Hi Mahatesh,


I'd be more than happy to help you with this.  Could you start a new discussion ( and describe what you are trying to achieve in a bit more detail?


Things to include might be:


* what data is in the database?

* will the database be updated by incoming SMS messages?

* what database program are you hoping to use?

* are you able to write scripts of some kind to query or update the database?





*some frites names n price




hi ken,

           thank you for your quick response,you are focussing on using http request option,but let me know from you that how to execute an exe file and take the responce from it to the frontline sms,using command line execution.I tried with this by just creating a file by simple c program and stored in particular directory ,c:/temp/filename,but am getting complete path name and content of the file as responce to my cellphone,please let me know this error and how to tackle this,please do reply ,




Hi all,


Closing this discussion as it seems to be getting quite muddled with all the different threads going on.  If you have any open discussions here, please open a new thread for your query.




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