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Hello friends,
I am trying to learn about frontline sms external commands feature.
We want to use it to automatically export the sms database table to a csv file.
I also want to know if there is an additional manual that has examples of using this feature. We are in the requirements building stage of our project and are trying to understanding the potential of this feature.

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Hi Gregory,

Thank you for your sample and detailed guide. It makes perfect sense. I'm studying it and surely this will help.

All the best,

Thanks Gayatri!

Will await for you Monday.

more power!

Hi Alvin,
I am attaching a document which has the php code that my web developer has written.
It is a very simple code, that simply gets data, outputs xml-type string with echo command that frontline can understand(under frontline command option of response type), and also stores the input in our database.
the echo command can be changed to give a simple text as output, that frontline can send in Plain Text response type option with $Include response, so that your user/users can get a web server generated response that tells them the message has been processed successfully
In your case, send back query response also.
Thanks Gayatri!

Just need to find time to focus on this the coming days. will update then.

BTW. FrontlineSMS was able to connect to Motorola v3i via bluetooth for sending and receiving messages.

thanks again!


Hi all,


Closing this discussion as it seems to be getting quite muddled with all the different threads going on.  If you have any open discussions here, please open a new thread for your query.




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