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Sony ericsson K810i makes computer rebooting when launching frontline

Hi all,

First of all, congrats for the great software and thanks fior sharing it with us.
I would like to try FrontlineSMS with a sony Ericsson K810i under Windows XP.
I installed Sony ericsson PC Suite. The phone connects fine with Ericsson PC suite, and i am able to send SMS through PCsuite.*

However, when I launch fronlineSMS (after having exited from PCsuite), and connect the phone (using phone mode), my computer reboots with the Blue Screen Of Death with the "irql not less or equal" error message.

I saw that K800i and K850i are referred as working devices, I do not know about 810i but I assume it should work.

I have got the same problem with 2 different computers I tried.
(The second computer does not display the blue screen but does reboot).

Has anyone ever met that problem before?

I ran Windows debugging tools to analize dump. You will fin enclosed the results given by Windbg.
It says the error comes from s0016mgmt.sys which is one of the drivers installed with PCsuite.
I tried to uninstall the com port using device manager, but it did not change anything.

You will find enclosed the minidump file, copy of the dump analize, and the frontlineSMS logs.
I am of course willing to provide you with other details if needed...
Hoping you will get where the problem is or a way to go around....

If I could get a linux version download link, i could also try with the same phone under ubuntu 8.04.

Thanks one more time for your support


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Hi again,

i just forgot to say that I get the same reboot issue if I choose "manual connexion" and specify COM port assigned to my phone.
In device manager, I can see:
2 COM ports assigned to Sony Ericsson
2 modems for sony Ericsson (1 data modem and 1 modem)

Thanks in advance
Hi Gregory

This is definitely one for the developer team - they'll get back to you! I've only heard of one or two blue-screenings with FrontlineSMS, so it's pretty rare.

As for the Linux version, I've tried to look for you in the requests database but it's not obvious which name you registered under. Can you let me know, either through the Forum here or via email to ken.banks[at]

I'll then get a link over to you to try in Ubuntu.


Hi Gregory,

we have a second way of accessing serial ports, I'll get back to you later today with how to switch to that (you are using the SUN MICROSYSTEMS official serial-port accessing software, which is obviously triggering something nasty in that version of the SonyEricsson driver, we can try the open source RXTX version, which may improve matters with your set-up)

You also could try any of the following, and we'd love to hear if that helped:
1: replacing the SE PC suite with an older version?

2: try manually connecting via each of the two ports in turn (possibly after putting the other ports in the ignored ports list)

3: Connect via bluetooth instead of USB

(Other commentators have found that Norton Antivirus can make things worse with IRQ issues, but I cannot say if that would be an issue here)
Hi Gregory,

if we sent you a Java version of Frontline, without the one click installer, which uses the alternate Serial port software, could you try that?

If that is okay, email me as ben (at) with your details if that is okay, and we'll send you over the much smaller Java package to try the RXTX library.

I've had the exact same issue but with a SE w660i (on two PCs and only started after installing the pc suite).

Planning to remove all drivers and start over. Also not sure that Sony Ericcsons phone can do sms over bluetooth.
Hi James,

I'd need Ben to confirm this, but I'm fairly sure that Sony Ericsson phones do support SMS over Bluetooth.

Dear all,

Sorry for not answering sooner, but as the phone belongs to a friend, i do not have it all the time.
But today, i do have the phone.

sorry Ben, but I still did not try the windows version you gave using RXTX, but i assume it should work, because I just tried connecting the phone with Linux 1.5.2 frontlineSMS, and everything works great.
So I assume RXTX library works fin with this phone.
James i did not try bluetooth, so I can not tell you.

i will try to try windows version, but aùm not sure yet when I will have time for this;

Best regards and good luck
yes, the bluetooth connection works great for send/receive on sony ericssons.

(was used in testing here at Masabi towers)

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