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Hi All,
I am testing the User Interface in the 'New View'- and I found a pbm.
I have a keyword and I have some msgs in the received category and some in the sent category for that Keyword. I am unable to see "only" msgs received, when click the check box at the top for Received msgs('some' sent msgs also get displayed). Similarly for Sent msg check box, some receieved msgs are also displayed. I am attaching 2 screen shots to better explain the pbm.
When we go live, we will have an operator who is not tech savvy, to simply view only received messages, select them and say export them, on a weekly basis, out of which we will generate reports.
There seems to be some inconsistency in the way msgs are displayed, if you check/uncheck the boxes.

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Hi Gayatri

Thanks for letting us know about this!

If you're giving FrontlineSMS a thorough evaluation and test, and if you do come across various problems, is it possible that you could put them into a single Word document (or similar) and then send that to us? Hopefully you won't find too many more, but it would be helpful to have them all in one place when the developers go through them.

Many thanks. We're glad you're taking such an interest in the software! \o/


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