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I try with a Sony w380 and have not luck I'm with ubuntu 8.04, the frintline see the phone, try to connect but get an error, maybe is usefull to know that doesn't work with this phone

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Hi Pablo

There are a few posts in the forum which deal with tweaking FrontlineSMS to run on Ubuntu. If you search for "ubuntu" in the Forums you'll see how other people got round the problem.

Let us know how you get on!

I haven't got problems with ubuintu, I have the system workimg with other phones, I only want to colaborate saying that with this sony doesn't work
Okay, thanks Pablo!

Appreciate it.

Hi Pablo,

Thanks for the info. Could you provide a log of the phone failing to connect? If it's a simple problem, we could add support for this phone in a future release, and all info of this kind is very useful.



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