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I use Frontline in spanish, but we have problems because there are some icons that are not in spanish (for ex: "sending cosole", etc.). How we can change them. We would like to help with the spanish translation

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Hi Pablo

Thanks for your message, and offer to help. It's very much appreciated.

Yes, we had a few additional expressions and words which were added to FrontlineSMS after the volunteer translations were made, and we are planning to correct this soon.

If you'd like to correct the Spanish version for us, firstly go into the Help menu in FrontlineSMS and use the menu option which allows you to see the location of your configuration files. Then go there in Windows Explorer, and look in the Languages folder. The Spanish file should be in there.

You can edit this in Notepad (in Windows). Just translate the words after the '=' sign, and leave any other characters in, if there are any, around or after the translated word.

You can then post the edited file to the Forum here, and we can pick it up.

Let me know if you have any questions or problems!

Thanks again. \o/

I think that the problem is with the images, I can't translate: Contact manager, survey manager, survey analyst, send console, message tracker, receive console, reply manager and phone manager. ¿how can I change that images of the menu?
Hi Pablo,

Thanks for sharing with us your interest in helping FrontlineSms. Unfortunately, the images text are not changeable yet (it might be something for the future, we never know!). Anyway, they are inside the package so you won't be able to replace it either.

Sorry for that, but for now you'll have to deal with English tab names.

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