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Anyone know an SMS Gateway or GSM that works with U.S. numbers?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows an affordable SMS gateway or GSM modem that works in the United States. I tried T-Mobile and AT&T, but they do not offer SMS with pre-paid service (they force you into a 2yr contract); and when I try Clickatell and IntelliSMS test services they are not working. Does anyone have a solution to this or a recommendation on an affordable, reliable SMS service so that I can run trials in the U.S.?


Thank you for any suggestions you can provide,



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Hi Max


There's a pretty lengthy and detailed discussion on this topic here:


You could always message one or more of the users who contributed if you have any specific follow-up questions. On the subject of US pre-pay and SMS, I have an AT&T pre-pay SIM and can buy messaging bundles for it. Pre-pay (or pay-as-you-go in the UK) doesn't come with a contract, so my AT&T account can be stopped at any time.


Hope some of that helps!



Hi Ken,


Thanks a lot. I spoke with AT&T and T-Mobile support last week and they said their pre-pay no longer includes SMS capability, and that I would need to purchase a 2yr contract to use SMS services. This doesn't sound right to me, so I will research the thread you sent and see what I can figure out.


Thanks again,



Hi Max


Yeah, that's not right. Someone's trying it on. I can buy SMS bundles with my AT&T pre-pay here:




Good luck sorting this out. Telecoms in the US is hard at the best of times.  =(




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