FrontlineSMS let users send, receive and manage SMS over a mobile network.

I am trying to get the form on Nokia 6300. I get following error when i hit the get new form tab.. 

Permission Error

"You must give this application permission to use netwroking. You may need to restart the app to allow this to happen".


The phone is GPRS enabled and i tried restarting the app too...


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Hi Suresh,


FrontlineForms uses SMS as the networking protocol.  You will have to modify the application permissions to allow sending and recieving of SMS.  You can probably do this in the Options>Permissions menu when looking at the FrontlineForms icon in your phone's Applications menu.



Hi Alex,


following are the steps i am performing on Nokia 6300 post installing the application:-

1. on fronlineSMS icon > click option > Application Access > Communication > Network access (selected Ask every timey) > Messaging (Ask every time) > Connectivity (always allowed)...


But it's still not working and redirecting the screen to "send text message to <phoneNo.>"




Hi Suresh,


It should be in the "Messaging" section.  Sometimes there are separate options for send and receive, but if the only option you can see says "ask every time", my only recommendation is to try deleting and then re-installing the app and making sure that you answer YES to every permission request you receive.


Best of luck,



Thanx Alex, 


Let me go for this option... will come back to you in case of any snag..



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