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We have the following plan & problem, in the design of a suystem that is meant to refer people to their local clinic for HIUV testing:

People send the name of their district and community with "DC district community", and we send back the relevant clinic. So we can use keywords to do that. However, there are always names of communities, whether mispelled or unknow,n, that won't be recognized. So we have someone that checks manually and adds to the list of corresdpondance we base on.

Say some sends "DC Maseru mispelledcom" then we must add this keyword to send back the clinic.

My question is: how could we then apply the responding message to  SMS that have already been responded? Or do we need do that manually?

Up to now, we had a ful excull excel file and it could be treated manually and reuploaded for sendouts. But I dont think we can do that with FSMS

Any other suggestion?



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Hi Agnes,

Thanks for your post. There will likely need to be some manual checking and responses to misspelled/ unknown keyword responses - I'm wondering, have you tried exporting your messages data into a .csv file to make checks needed, and then importing relevant contacts back into a certain contact group so you can send them an SMS all at once? (You can read about importing and exporting data in our help files

This is just one suggested approach; do you think this would this be helpful / suitable for your project? 



Thanks Flo: this import/export function as indeed what I was wondering about.

So say, I export all messages.

Then filter those from last week.. with keyword starting with DC.

Then must somehow filter out those whose keywords after DC are not in my pre-build list. 

Then add the message I want to send to those, like for one with "DC whatever" will be message 1 with clinic 1, and "DC what more" will be message 2 with clinic 2.

Mmm...  then I dont think I can "import" the messaes to send out, I can only import contacts, right?

Making them into groups does not ereally help, as those spelling mistakes create very small groups.. one user each I guess.

Any more idea?

PS: we also intend to have a mySQL DB behind, may be that could create simploier way

Hi Agnes,

Thanks for getting back to me on this. You're right that at present you can only import your contacts, and not the message content itself. Importing contacts in groups could help if you had contacts that all needed the same auto-reply. As that's not the case here I imagine that you may need to make the corrections and send out messages manually. However, I'll just check with a few others in my team and see if they have further ideas on this. I'll get back to you with any further suggestions.



Hi Agnes,

I have asked others in my team about this, but in the current version of the software we have no further suggestions other than managing replies manually for incorrect responses, I'm afraid. However, just to let you know for reference, in the new version of the software - due for release later this year - we have made it possible to recategorise responses into keywords and trigger the related action. 

Please do let us know how you get along with this, and if we can be of any further help.



Thank you so much Florence for your help.
Well, I gues we have to go through here.
In order to avoid mistakes, I also consider sending a list where people should send digits that correspond to a choice.

Is there a way to break a line (like on USSD?)

Hi Agnes,

I'm not clear where the line is you're trying to break; could you clarify?



Hi Alex

Well, if I want to make a list, like it could be

"Please choose your district:

D1 - Maseru

D2 - Mafeteng

D3 - (etc)"

Could i make a nice list, breaking a line?

You should be able to press the return key to insert a line break when composing a message... does that work for you?

Thananks! I will try. Can't now though....

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