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Dear All

I need a help on Auto reply for key words

i tried to include

a) Sender name

b) Recipient Name

c) Recipient Number 

in auto reply but when FLSMS reply it add mobile number in place of the above details 

Please help i this

i want that reply shall go like this

Dear <Neeraj> , 

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Hi Neeraj,

Thanks for your question! For the recipient name to be displayed in your message, you have to have the name saved as a contact. This is how the application knows to tie the number to a name.If you already have "Neeraj" saved as a contact, then great! Here is what you should do to create "Dear Neeraj" -

1) After you create a keyword, click on the the link in the right pane that says "click here to go to advanced view".

2) Then click on the "Auto Reply" button at the bottom of the screen. This will expand a drop down list, click the 'Auto Reply' option in this list.

3) A pop up dialog box should appear. This box should have a line that reads: 'Click here to include'. Write "Dear" and then click on the third icon. You should now be able to see the recipient name when an auto reply goes out.

Please let me know if this helps!


Thanks Kavita

I did the same but still it happened same

i got reply as fallows

Dear <Mobile No>


Hi Neeraj,

Thanks for sending the attachments! Try saving the phone number for nEERAJ aIRTEL with the international dialing code. From the attachment you sent, it looks as if you have saved the contact nEERAJ aIRTEL with the phone number 9815106363. Go into the contacts tab and edit this number to be +919815106363.

Let's see if this works.


Thanks A Lot Kavita

This work fine

Now my another question is that can we send dynamic message from the Frontline sms through excel file 

The details are as per attached file

Thanks in advance



Hi Neeraj,

Thank you for your post. I have not heard of FrontlineSMS being used to send dynamic messages from an Excel file, and I'm afraid its not generally possible to import message content in Excel format.

However, it may be useful for you to read this previous forum discussion which describes a hack for importing Excel content. 

You can also use an HTTP trigger to synch to other types of external application to feed messages into FrontlineSMS for processing, and there is more information about this here in our help files here

I hope this proves helpful, but if you have further questions / need more information please feel free to ask.



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