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Hello all,

I am new and am having dificulty finding information on autostarting FrontlineSMS.


My situation:

We have FrointlineSMS running on a virtual windows server within a windows host.

Our physical location (Dili, Timor-Leste) has power outage issues.

Our system is hooked up to UPS and a clean shutdown of the Virtual server and then the host happens when the power goes off.

The host and then the virtual server are auttomatically brought online when the power comes back online.


My issue:

I need to have frontlineSMS start automatically when the server restarts after power outages.

Can anyone advise me of a script or another way to do this. I have thought of making FrontlineSMS a service but I would appreciate some feed back before I begin modifications.

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Hi Paul


I'm not sure which version of Windows you're using, but earlier versions had a "Startup" folder and you could drop application shortcuts into that. Windows would then run those on start up. It was also possible to edit the win.ini file (there was a [run] section) which did the same thing.


This is more of a Windows question/solution than FrontlineSMS I suspect, and there are a few things online which may help, such as:


Hope this helps as a starting point.



Hi Kiwanja, Thanks but I would like to start up FrontlineSMS automatically as the system boots rather than when someone logs on. My basic question is whether FrontlineSMS has this feature or will I need to hack and set it up as a windows service or script it?

Hi Paul


You'll need to somehow get your Windows setup to automatically run FrontlineSMS. There's no feature in FrontlineSMS to do this. As I mentioned, this is more of a Windows question, so you'll need to check with Microsoft or search around the web for a solution.



Sorry to anyone who was looking for a solution to this.

FrontlineSMS will not run in a normal IT situation on a server with MS. It is an application and does not have the functionality to run as a service buildt into it. This means that someone must be logged on to a server and start the application. This means that in a normal server environment where a server may be restarted or the possiblity of leaving a user constantly logged is not appropriate, the application must be forced to start and run automatically buy the system with rights etc. With most applications this is simply done buy starting the application as a service. FrontlineSMS however can not be run simply as a service but must be able to interact normaly for configuration etc.

The solution I have found and implemented is an application called FireDaemon Pro. FireDaemon Pro is a simple tool that lets the application run as a service in an accessible session.


I hope this helps anyone having the same issue.

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