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I have just sent in the logs for this issue. I sent out a message to a group of people. When I received replies I tried to reply back in the Messages page and received a message saying "There was an unexpected error". This always happens when I try however I can send and SMS to the same number if I use the "Contacts" screen.


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Okay, thanks for letting us know about this error, John (and for the logs).

We're a bit short of developer resources over the next two weeks, but will get back to you when we can. In the meantime, I'd keep sending messages via Contacts for now.


Hi John,

which version of FrontlineSMS are you using? Are you up to date with the I can't reproduce your error...

Hello John,

we really can't fix this issue until we've reproduced the error.
For the moment, we're closing the file. Try to reproduce and give us the exact steps you took if you still have it.

I can reproduce at will here. FLSMS

I send an SMS out to several contacts (having selected them individually as they all are marked "Inactive" ). I go to the "Messages" tab to watch the progress And see a reply from one recipient. I right click on that reply and choose "Reply" The box appears, to let me enter a message. I do that, press "send" and that get the "Unexpected error" message. I send the logs. I have just done this again now.

NOTE that if I take a note of the number and go to the "Contacts" tab instead, find that number and right-click to send a message it works fine. But it never works from the "Messages" tab when I click on a received message.
Any clues? Are you able to reproduce?
So how do I reopen this Bug? Or do i have to post it again as a new thread?
Hi John,

sorry about the time it's taking.
If you don't have critical data, can you try backing up & removing your database file (.db) in the FrontlineSMS configuration directory and try again?


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