FrontlineSMS let users send, receive and manage SMS over a mobile network.

I've tried out FLSMS  a little more extensively and I'd like to point out what I think are some interface bugs.

  1. When creating a keyword, if you put the same date as start and stop, the keyword remains inactive. It shouldn't be so: either it's not possible and I get an error message, or is possible and the keyword goes live.
  2. if I start a form with a label, the form, despite being sent to the mobile, doesn't install in the frontlinesms forms app
  3. the sms price box is annoying, as it pops up the error message about the format no matter what ones writes inside it. 
  4. between the sending of a message and the reception and the keyword-triggered action it may pass a long time where the software doesn't give any specific feedback to the user to reassure him/her 
  5. The FrontlineSMS logo in the home screen is too big as it makes the send button disappear below the Start bar. Or at least the window should be able to resize itself in order to avoid to make the button inaccessible. 
that's it, my 2 cents.


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Hi Paolo,

Thanks for the feedback. A quick query about point 2: what do you mean by "a label"? Can you give some examples of names that won't and will work?


Hi Alex,
what I mean is that if you start creating your from inserting an element "label single-line text", the form doesn't get installed on the mobile. I suspect it might be because there's no data variable attached to it.

Is it clearer?

Aha! Sorry, I was being a bit slow there - that's clear now :-)

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