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Can send SMS but cannot receive SMS using FrontlineSMS


I have had this problem for over a day now. Before, all SMSs were received and sent with no problems. I went to talk to my mobile provider and the SIM works just fine. I have an unlimited text contract for 2 years with this SIM. I am using a GSM modem from Vodafone that was unlocked, a ZTE incorporated K3570-Z. It's been working with no problem up until yesterday. I am using this as a research project for a Geography graduate course for the next few weeks, with constant messages from students.

I went to the troubleshooting page and checked everything. The only thing I can think of right now is to uninstall and re-install the application.

What should I do?



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Hi Ana

You need to have the "Delete messages" box ticked (see you screen shot) for messages to be removed from the SIM once FrontlineSMS has received them. The SIM is likely now full, which is why you cannot receive any new ones. Tick that box and see how you get on. If FrontlineSMS is still unable to pick any messages up, put the SIM into a regular phone and remove the messages manually, then go back to using it with FrontlineSMS.

That should do the trick.


Hi Ken,

I seem to be having a similar problem.


Windows XP SP 3

GSM Modem ZTE Incorporated


Unlimited texts on 3 network UK

Everything was working fine and we were receiving messages that were being processed by keywords.  However, over one day it stopped receiving messages.  No software updates or hardware changes have occured. 

Placed the SIM into a phone and the received messages are displayed.  There are no messages saved on the SIM card.  Tried this on another computer with a similar setup and messages are still not being received.  Messages can be sent fine.

I have added a screen shot of the phone config also and have just submitted a error report.  Thanks.


Hi Faisal,

I ‘think’ I have fixed the problem yesterday evening. These are the steps I took:

  1. I went to my mobile provider, Fido (a company under Rogers, the only mobile provider in Canada that uses the GSM network) and had a staff member empty my SIM card.
  2. I tried the SIM again in my GSM modem, this time checking the “Delete messages from phone, after receiving”. Still did not work.
  3. I bought a new SIM card, transferring the number over as well. Still did not work.
  4. I then downloaded the Vodafone Mobile Broadband application.  (All texts that were previously not received went through)
  5. I deleted any excess, testing type of texts, and forwarded the texts that I did not receive to the same number. They successfully transferred to Frontline.

However, having both Vodafone Mobile Broadband and Frontline running at the same time has caused some issues. Vodafone application will receive texts and Frontline won’t or viceversa.

I have tested by various trial and error combinations and this is what worked for me for the last day.

a. Start computer

b. Start Vodafone software

c. Start Frontline

d. Plug in GSM modem  

e. Send a test SMS

If this doesn’t work, I then shut off Vodafone and Frontline, remove the GSM modem. Then I only start Frontline and plug in the modem. This has been working for now.

I know it’s not perfect but I’m happy to be receiving messages again. My problem is still that I do not know the content of the GSM modem’s memory and if that is indeed the issue since I can send texts no problem, just not receive them. Hope this is of use. If you find a stable solution, please do let me know.



Hi Ana,

Thanks for your reply and glad you found a working solution.

However, I am still having some difficulty.  I tried another SIM card in the modem and that also did not receive any messages.  Once again, transferring the SIM into a phone resulted in the message being delivered. 

This leads me to believe it is related to the modem rather than the SIM as both SIM cards were purged of any messages.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.



Hi Faisal,

I had the same problem when I tried another SIM card in the modem. I agree with you that it is something about the modem. Installing Vodafone's Mobile Broadband software allowed me to view the content stored on the modem (since I had a new empty SIM). I was able to view texts from my previous SIM as well. The software can be found on the Vodafone website and it's free to download.

I suggest following the steps I took (see my previous replies) regarding FLSMS and Vodafone Broadband. Maybe they will work for you as well. Let me know if they do when you have the chance.


Hi Faisal and Ana,

Thanks for helping each other out on this issue! \o/

Ana - glad to hear that you've found a workaround, albeit perhaps not ideal in some ways. It is interesting to note that in a previous forum discussion here another user recommended a somewhat similar strategy to help with receiving messages, as shown here. In terms of working out the volume capacity of the modem itself, I wonder is this something you are able to check with the manufacturer?

Faisal - have the suggestions mentioned here helped you with receiving messages?

If this continues to be an issue for either of you I can ask our developer team if they have any further suggestions.



Hi Ana,

Great solution!  This is now working again.  Thank your for your time and initiative.  Also, thanks to FLSMS for providing such a great product.

I installed the Vodafone software and deleted all messages fron the inbox, sent items and deleted items.  I am assuming that the limit had been exceeded on the modem as the sim was clear of any messages.

Once the purge had been completed, I started FLSMS and then Vodafone (with the modem connected from the start) and it picked up incoming messages.  So, this process was a little different to yours so not quite sure what is going on. 

Also, does this mean that periodically the modem will have to be purged of all messages?

Hi Flo,

Thank you for the forum discussion links. That strategy is really similar to mine, just with a different software. I think the Vodafone Broadband software cleared the messages from the modem because I can receive messages now without turning the Vodafone software on at all. FLSMS works just fine on its own.

However, I will contact the manufacturer and let you know what they say.

Thank you for your help!


Hi Ana,

Thank you for your reply, and for your message in answer to Faisal here too.

Please do keep me posted on what the manufacturer says, and feel free to ask if you need any further information on FrontlineSMS.

Many thanks! \o/


Just as a way of sharing some information, I found that after using the vodafone software, it changed the message centre on the sim card.  This prevented me from sending any messages through FLSMS.

To resolve this, I had to re-insert the sim into a handset and change the message centre number on the sim and then reinsert into the dongle and then start the software.  Of course, making sure that the vodafone software was not running. 

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