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I have created an account on Clickatel , and try to follow this guide

Did Settings / SMS Internet settings / Add new, adn entered my login & password. However, I did not know my API ID

Si I went back to my Clickatel account and created a HTTP API with the default values (this is not provided in the above guide), I enter it into the sttings, but then... nothing. When I close the settings Box I dont see this happen

As soon as you have entered your details, assuming you remain connected to the Internet, you should see your Clickatell connection show as a HTTP connection on the FrontlineSMS PhoneManager screen

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PS: actually Clickatel shows in the non working device saying "failed to connect".

I am not sure if I should put SSL and use for sending (I tried a combination)

see scressnshot


Hi Agnes,

Thanks for getting in touch about this. Just to check, can you please confirm which version of FrontlineSMS you are using (you can find this listed in the top left hand corner)? 

I notice in your screen shot that you have not entered the country code/ full number for your 'From number'. This may be causing a problem.  Please note that all Sender Numbers need to be approved by Clickatell, who need to verify that the number belongs to you. Check out this Clickatell Help page for details.

Please let us know how you get along with this, and if you need further assistance. 



Yes Florence, I use the latest version (downloaded last week) I believe,

As for my sender number, I have also tried puting tyhe full number (266xxxxxx where 266 is country code, is that right?), and it does not change unfortunately... I did verify this number with Clickatel who sent me an sms. Let me check it again. 

Hi Agnes, 

The reason I asked about the version you're using is because it seems you are looking at the Help files for an older version of FrontlineSMS (1.5.8). Here is the Help for the current version: (although there is, in fact, not much difference for Clickatell advice).

You could try testing again with your country code (which will be 266 or +266: use the exact number you have successfully verified with Clickatell), and select to use for sending option, too.

Let me know how you get on with this, and if you need any further help.



Oh, thanks Florence for sending me back to try. I found out... something was wrong with my password! It was there from the beginning, and only now logging back into my clickatell account and checking my data I relaized the **** password was shorter than my actual one.

I retyped it and... bingo !it works :)

Thanks again and sorry for stupid questiojns for stupid mistakes!

Hi Agnes,

No apology needed! I'm really pleased to hear you have now got this working! \o/ 




May I take opportunity to ask what \o/ means or, how id it come to be FSMS logo?

Hi Agnes,

Of course: The logo represents a person with their arms in the air, outstretched \o/ A manifestation of our mission to empower people to use their own ingenuity to create positive change in their own communities using mobile technology. Plus, it is a text-able logo, too, making it all the more fitting!

You can read more about it on our website here and check out people 'doing' the FrontlineSMS logo on our Flickr here. Feel free to send us your own photo of you 'doing' the logo, if you'd like to :)



Happy to hear its working Agnes :)

There is no such thing as bad questions.

I'm glad you can now use the system.

Best of luck in your project. Please keep us updated :)

Great! I was sure there was a good ideas behind. I'll check it out!

Thanks all for your help, this is a great community!

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