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Hi everyone,


I've been trying hard to get Forms to work on a phone and so I finally got hold of a phone that would support Forms.  The phone is Nokia 5130C.  


I downloaded Forms version specific for Nokia 5130 Xpressmusic, unzipped, and then transferred the content (a .jad file and a .jar file) to the phone via Bluetooth.  On the phone, however, I couldn't run either of the file as I kept getting the error message "Not Support".


Then I tried this with the generic Forms version too but the same "Not Support" message appeared.


Then I tried transferring the .zip file to the phone without unzipping it first but it didn't work either.


Could anyone please tell me if I'm doing anything incorrectly?  I really appreciate your help.  Thanks.



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Hi Du,


Was "Not support" the entire text of the error message?  Have you tried installing using just the JAR file, or using WAP/GPRS/internet to download directly onto the phone?



Thanks, Alex, for your response.  I have tried using just the JAR file but still got the same message "Not Support".  That's all the phone said.  I haven't tried downloading directly onto the phone via internet.  I will update if I have any success.


Best of luck - not sure I can suggest anything if "Not support" is the only feedback the device is giving.

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