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Hi Everyone,

I am a new user to Frontline SMS and cannot receive messages but just can send.  I am using a compatible Hawaii USB device and have ammended to send/recieve messages on this device. Please can someone advice on what else I could do to get Frontline SMS working correctly on my computer.

Thank you

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Hi Zak

Thank you for posting here on the community forum about this. Following our discussion last week, I know you have run through the suggestions in our FAQ on this issue, but just to check have you run through the following:

- making sure there is enough memory on the SIM card/ deleting old messages (you may want to ensure old messages have been deleted by putting your SIM into a phone to check)

- Ensuring the phone is set to receive (and delete old messages) in the device settings in the phones tab

- Closing any background software you have running, which may interfere with FrontlineSMS

If you have tried all of these options, have you also tried using an alternative SIM card to see if this helps?

It may also help you to read through some previous forum discussions from users having the same issue, such as this discussion.

Hopefully this is just a settings issue that we can work out, but if none of the above helps I can check in with our developers for their advice on this.



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