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Can't connect FSMS with either Huawei "dongle" or LG Shine phone - please help

I have Windows 7 on Thinkpad.  I can't connect FSMS to either a Hauwei EC168C "dongle" cell modem or an LG Shine CU 720 phone. 


The dongle works fine for Internet and can send SMS via its own software.


In FrontlineSMS I get a "Detected" on COM3 but then a "Failed to connect" message.


Please advise.


Don Lotter

Dodoma, Tanzania

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Hi Don


Have you worked through the "Troubleshooting" section in the "Help" files? There's a whole section there which deals with connection issues.


Take a look there and see how you get on.



I have gone through the troubleshooting a couple of times.  I think I just have to buy a dongle that's on the list.

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