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I've found that keywords in FLSMS 1.5.8 for Windows have to be in ALL CAPS for the app to recognize the keyword.  Is there a fix for this?  I'm finding that users are not quick enough to keep using caps when texting into the system.

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is that true?I can still use my keyword contestant1 in Keyword manager as CONTESTANT1 but still can response but it takes 3 mins to autoreply.!???

Is there a diffence when you key in "CONTESTANT1" in "contestant1" in create new keyword which will create CONTESTANT1 in keyword manager the way the auto reply or will not they way SMS by the user!???
Hey Wayan

As far as I know the keywords aren't case sensitive, so I'm surprised if this is the case. I'm sure I've had it working with lower- and uppercase incoming messages. I'm away at the moment so can't check, but as you say this should be fixed. I'll see what Alex or Morgan say.

Thanks for letting me know!

I know FLSMS is not supposed to be case sensitive, but I've downloaded and launched two seperate instances of 1.5.8 and both didn't recognize non-ALL CAPS keywords.
Thanks to Josh Nesbit of SMS:Medic, I found a fix to this issue:

If you aren't using FrontlineForms, you could disable the forms message handler. To do this:

1. Shut down FLSMS
2. Find the FrontlineSMS folder on your computer, open "Properties" and then ""
3. Open "" with a tex editor (textpad works fine)
4. Remove the following line from ~/FrontlineSMS/properties/


5. Restart FLSMS and you should be fine
Note this issue may just be with the Sierra Wireless C885USB Modem
Note that if you take out the form handler code, you loose the ability to have people sorted into groups
Hi Wayan,
Can I ask how long to takes to process the message,with auto reply and auto forward options if you try?
for me for 1 SMS it takes 3 mins? for 3sms sending to server celphone it takes 5 mins...
Is there any settings to speed up the process??
Hi Kram,

just share my experience, I live in Indonesia with several telecommunication provider.
My app use FrontlineSMS 1.5.8 Mac version and External Command (PHP - MySQL in the backend) with interactive auto-reply/response depend on the content from User. We also using the biggest telco for SMS line.

In my experience. The system (FrontlineSMS + PHP + MySQL) is responding "very" quick <2 seconds, but the delivery process will take more time. in my case, for the same network provider, it will take minimum 15 sec to arrive in user phone and min 25 sec in different network provider. And I am sending concatenated (Long) SMS which contain minimum 3 standard SMS, so I guess if you send only 1 standard SMS, it should be more quick.
Perhaps the delay is in the Modem/ Phone or the GSM Network.

it means that my current setup is abnormal and not efficient,the issue may relies on k800i, windows 7,network which I need to sort out.Because im just using send and auto reply and auto forward with 1 standard sms only.5 mins is too long...

thanks for sharing..:) :)
Sorry, just add more test experience:

I tried to use Win XP and Wavecom modem using serial port connection, it require additional 20 - 30 sec compare with Mac 10.4.11 and Huawei modem using USB port, so I stick with the mac version.
Although I still have problem, sometime the SMS is just stuck and always "Pending", it will run again after restarting FSMS and the modem.

good luck Kram.
Hi Wayan,

Can you provide logs demonstrating the issue occurring? We've not heard of this issue affecting anyone else, and are unable to recreate it.


Sent via the "Submit Error Report" function - is there another way to post my log files?

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