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I've found that keywords in FLSMS 1.5.8 for Windows have to be in ALL CAPS for the app to recognize the keyword.  Is there a fix for this?  I'm finding that users are not quick enough to keep using caps when texting into the system.

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Another fun bug - when I set up my local gov demo, I started with the LOCALGOV keyword. But after a restart, FLSMS would not recognize that keyword (kept saying "no forms") so I switched to LOCALGOV1. Kinda annoyed that I lost a keyword on restart.
I have the instance running now, so you can ping it at will. Text to +1.202.506.0148
Better yet, its all 8 letter keywords - none of them work now. Just get "no forms"
Hi Wayan,

Can you disable the forms handler, please. I have checked your logs, and this is causing the issues. If you are still experiencing problems after disabling the forms handler and restarting FrontlineSMS, please submit your logs again, and describe the issues you are having here.

Best wishes,

I too have this problem with a "Pending" message in my message box for a phone I want to send new forms to. It will send and receive text messages but I cannot resolve the "Pending" message for Forms - even after restarting FLSMS.

Any Ideas?


Disabling to form handler also disables the Groups functionality - and I need to group users. Is there a way to disable forms and still keep groups? And why is the form handler balking on my instance? What's causing it/can I change something to fix it?
Hi Wayan,

Forms is causing issues for other users also - there are a few other threads on this forum discussing it.

You reported problems with groups, but provided no logs. Again, this is not an issue that we've been able to recreate, so if you could disable forms, recreate the issues you are having with group messaging, and then send us the logs, we can hopefully identify the problem.


Hi Mike,

Send us your logs, and perhaps we can identify the cause of the problem.



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