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Challenges with importing contacts, migration to frontline 2,

I typed list of contacts on excel and want to import them on my Frontline database. please assist. I was also working on my lap and have my database of contact and messages already in my laptop. now i want to move these to the desktop that will be the host computer in my ICT center. How do I do this. And finally I am thinking of migrating to Frontline SMS 2 without loosing my Dbase. Advice here again.

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Hi Vincent

Great to hear from you.

You can read about importing contacts on version 1 here:

If you wish to keep the same version of FrontlineSMS and just copy your database across, then you'll just have to copy the database file (must be called frontline.db) from your current configuration directory (you can find this directory by choosing "Help" then "Show configuration location") to your future configuration directory.

Instructions on upgrading from version 1 to version 2 can be found on our website, here:

Just keep in mind that you can only keep messages and contacts, not keywords.

Best wishes


Thanks Laura I am able to import and Export. The imported contacts however comes without 0 ie. 725..... instead of 0725... is this a problem. I will upgrade to frontline 2. then I come back to the discussion.

Hi Vincent

This is a pernicious little problem with importing CSVs containing phone numbers into Excel. If you're exporting from v1, try first exporting the CSV as normal. Then open Excel without opening a document. Go to 'Get data' or 'Import data' depending which version of Excel you're using. Choose the CSV file. When it takes you through the import dialogue, you'll need to select commas as the column delimiter, then click to the next screen. Here, look for the mobile numbers column and make sure it's set to import as 'text'. See if that helps when you reimport it.

We want to build a little doctor script for files where this has happened, and also to convert numbers to international formats. It's such a pain for users when these things break!


Hey am cool with exporting and importing now. I managed to use the importing text wizard and i no longer have problems with the 0's. thanks for that. Now am quite conversant with version 1 am trying to understand version 2 and i cant see features like forms in it. How much different with version 1 coz then i will stick with version 1

Thanks Sila. I think Al wait. Am having good experience with v 1.

Hi Sila and Vincent, 

Quick question, is it possible to download both version 1.6 and 2.0 onto the same computer without 1.6 simply upgrading? We're thinking we might export csv from frontline forms in 1.6 and then use smart groups feature by importing that csv into 2.0, on the same computer.

This seemed an appropriate thread... 

Thanks! ~dani

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