FrontlineSMS let users send, receive and manage SMS over a mobile network.

Can any one provide me list of GSM modems or phones which are currently available in indian market or thai market and fully working with FrontlineSMS. The ones provided in the "Devise Database" are not available due to being old model. 

I urgently needed to buy one for testing with my project on sending SMS notifications to Tuberculosis patients in Bhutan.

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Hi there

Have you considered using FrontlineSync (Android) with FrontlineCloud? Might be easier to get hold of. Otherwise we find that Huawei E-series modems work well.


Thank you Laura. I will explore that options. Does all Huawei E-series modems work or only specific E-series models work?

We've had good results with most E-series modems but can't guarantee that they will work as the models and drivers can differ from one operator to another. Hope that's helpful!


I bought Heuwai E352 and was trying to add new conection. I got following error "Port cannot be found". Do you know what is causing this error. I found that device is connected through COM5. So I gave COM5 in port.

Thanks in advance

Hello!  We have a support page to help guide you through troubleshooting your modem and connection:     If you try these steps and are still having issues, let me know and we will continue to help you solve the issue!

Hi, I installed frontlinesms version 2.4, and I am able to use it with the android phone; but I am having problems in importing contacts, from m Google mail account.  It is importing onli 15 contacts each time whereas m contact list is 640 names in all.   is there a switch that limits the number of imported contacts?  Pls help 

Hi Carlos,

Sorry to hear you are having trouble importing your contacts!  We have some help files here on importing contacts:  If you are able to export your gmail contacts as a .csv file, this may be easier.  Then you can import it all at once to your account fairly easily.  Let me know if you need any further assistance!



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