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I am currently working on this website and it has the UPDATES section, where one needs to put  their contacts  and later get alerts on on the location that they have selected. Frontline SMS comes in at the back-end section of the website where you put in the number of the phone (which i have). But i get stuck for a reason, I have never worked with Frontline SMS before and i have followed all the instructions that i got  on how to activate it but still it gives me an error.

Thank you.

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Hi Rukia,

Sorry to hear you are getting an error from FrontlineSMS. Can you give us some more details of when the error is occurring, and what the error message is? The more information you can give us, the better we can help.


Thank you Alex,
This is the error that i am getting after putting in a number in the update section of the webiste:
Your Mobile Alert Request Has NOT Been Saved!

The system was not able to process your confirmation request!

This is after i have synched with (

Does this make any sense to you??

Thank you
Hi Rukia

I'll quickly jump in here - I think Alex is out of the office at the moment.

Are you adding your information into the Ushahidi website? If you are getting an error message from your Ushahidi site, then you'll need to contact them for support. The only thing FrontlineSMS is used for with Ushahidi is to forward *incoming* text messages - anything related to problems with the website need to go to Ushahidi.

I hope that helps.

Hi Ken,

Thank you for the help, I will talk to Ushahidi and see what comes out of it...


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