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I'm using a 2N OfficeRoute UMTS modem. I want to connect it to FLSMS. I tried the automated and manual process but failed. I'm running Ubuntu 10.4 on an Intel. The CPU is connected to the Modem through a RJ45 cross cable. Any ideas how to get this to work?

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Hi Nuwan,


Are you able to provide any more details of the errors you are seeing?  Is your device appearing in /dev/?  Are you able to connect to the modem using other software such as minicom?



Hi Alex,


Yes we are able to use the modem such as with Freedom Fone's SMS polling function.I didn't try minicom but I will now.


We see that it is using the /dev/ttyACM1 port. In FLSMS we used the "manual connect" feature to set the port to /dev/ttyACM1 and the Baud Rate = 921600. I suppose we could set it to a lower rate like 115200. Get a warning msg "cannot find port"


How or where could be include a "Handler" for example that could carry the parameters?

In relation to binding the 2N UMTS modem with FLSMS, the vendor has recommended that the modem supports a mail client with SMTP and POP3; i.e. modem is a SMTP/POP3 server. Is there a way to setup a mail client account in FLSMS to interface with the modem to send and receive SMS and email? We don't mind writing a backend script if we have to, as long as we know which FLSMS APIs to inherit?

Hi Nuwan,


Thanks for your post. You can find more about syncing FrontlineSMS with email in our help files: I have passed your questions on to Alex, too, so he can likely get back to you with further information soon.


Sounds like an interesting system you are setting up! Please do keep us posted as you progress.




Hi Nuwan,


I expect you need to set up a symlink from /def/ttyACM1 to e.g. /dev/ttyS0 as I think FrontlineSMS can only connect to devices located at /dev/ttyS__



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